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Wireless Controller

Compatible with the device *playstation 3

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  • EAN: 5207011004514
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This controller has gaming written all over it. The Spartan Gear Wireless Controller for *playstation 3 features – amongst the others – standard D-pad and analog triggers.
What is more, it supports vibration function, while the wireless technology allows continuous gaming activity with no delays for up to 8 meters.


  • Wireless technology, no delay, decent performance for up to 8m.
  • Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable, with charging indicator on the controller
  • Standard D-pad (cross shape)
  • Analog Triggers (L2 and R2)


How to install the controller

To use the controller with your console, just press the “Spartan Logo Button” in the middle of your controller to locate a signal channel and the controller is ready to use. Please note that when you connect the controller for the first time with your *playstation 3 console, you have to connect it with the USB charge cable (not included). If you encounter any problem with the controller, gently insert a slender object such as a small straightened paperclip into a hole located on the back of the controller, to reset the hardware.

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