Ksifos Wireless Controller


How can one check whether it has been identified by the console or the pc?

When the controlled is connected to the *playstation 3 console or the computer, one of the four lights is permanently on.

What is the use of the lights?

  1. When 1 of the 4 lights is permanently on, this means the controller is linked to the wireless receiver.
  2. When all 4 lights go on and off at a steady and slow pace, the controller is in charging mode.
  3. When all 4 lights go on and off at a quick pace, this means the controller is trying to connect to the receiver or it has lost its connection.

How many controllers can be linked simultaneously to the *playstation 3 console or the computer?

The *playstation 3 console can receive up to 2 controllers at the same time, along with their respective wireless receivers at the 2 USB ports of the console. The computer can simultaneously receive up to 4 controllers with their respective wireless receivers.

Turbo and Clear buttons

The front part of the device disposes the Turbo and Clear buttons.

The Turbo button gives the corresponding understandable energy to the key that you will choose (you must press Turbo and the desired key, in order for the latter to receive the corresponding effect), while Clear, with the corresponding keys combination, revers the key to its normal status.

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